Recruiting Do’s and Don’ts

Recruiting Do's & Don'ts

As we all know, high school basketball season occurs simultaneously with the college basketball season. Therefore, recruiting during basketball season is a lot different than summer and spring. College coaches are busy and focused on winning within their current season. We have learned a few tricks to optimize our players recruitment during the basketball season. Here are some in season “Do’s & Don’ts” that have proven successful for our players recruitment over the last several years.

Do: Stay active on Sports Recruits. Periodically update your highlight real and send it to the coaches you are connected to. This is probably the most effective tool.

Don’t: Post meaningless stats on social media: “Johnny had 6 points and 2 rebounds in a loss to their region foe.” That is a non-mentionable stat. Things like that clutter the social-media-verse.

Do: Create small clips of impressive highlights; dunks, game-winners, good passes, etc. Those are great to share online. Also, please send them to us. We’ll make sure we get them out there too.

Don’t: Stress about not having postings online during the season. There is so much hype and noise out there that so much of it rarely gets seen.

Do: Focus on winning. Be the best player you can possibly be for your high school team. Compete every day in practice and in every game. Continue to work on your game.

Don’t: Stress about your stats. Make the right play every time.

Do: Focus in on the schools that you are interested in, and that are good fits for you. Stay in contact with those coaches about your season. Follow their teams progress and mention it in your emails to them. “Great win the other night coach. Love to see your team compete.” Comments like these make a great quick text or intro to an email to a coach.

Don’t: Rely on social media posts to get you noticed by coaches.

Do: Look for third party postings about your game and retweet or share in your story. It “says” so much more when others are talking about you. Parents, players, & Club teams all have their own motives, so when newspapers, recruiters, or reputable sources talk about you, those are great things to repost.

Don’t: Fall for the trap that social media posts are the best way to get recruited.

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