Our Story

Utah Basketball Club (formerly Utah Pump-N-Run) has quickly become the leading basketball development program in the state of Utah for elite level basketball players. Utah Basketball Club was created to provide responsible student athletes with opportunities not readily available without expert guidance throughout the sometimes-confusing world of youth basketball.

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Advisory Board, as well as an experienced group of coaches, Utah Basketball Club players learn the skills and effort required to excel as high school athletes so they can potentially earn a basketball scholarship to a college or university of their choice. After visiting with major college coaches and taking into account recent changes in NCAA recruiting guidelines, it has become clear that the only realistic path for showcasing player talents is on the national amateur competition circuit.

Our Mission

To develop responsible, deserving young men from Utah into college caliber basketball players by providing them with the training necessary to improve their individual and team playing skills to the highest level; to provide them with meaningful game playing experience against the highest level of competition in the nation’s top tournaments; and to promote their individual and team accomplishments to colleges and universities in the United States, thereby significantly increasing the number of players from Utah who receive grant-in-aid scholarships.

Our Objectives

  1. Help student athletes reach their full potential as basketball players-developing all the mental and physical skills possible-so that they can compete against the top high school players in the United States.
  2. Teach student athletes how to win under the toughest competitive circumstances, bringing notoriety to themselves, teammates and the State of Utah.
  3. Actively promote our student athletes, their character and abilities to universities and colleges around the country-to increase their opportunities to earn an academic grant-in-aid scholarship at the college or university of their choice.
  4. Help student athletes develop outstanding character/sportsmanship traits to serve as an ambassador of the state, community and their families during and after competition
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